The boy and the girl in the creepy woods

One freezing cold day, a little girl who was called Sophie, who looked very pretty and her brother who was called James who loves sience. While Sophie and James were doing their homework mum called them to go to their grandmas house because there grandma, who is called Janet, felt very sick. There mum Shantel gave them a beautiful, scarlet also brown basket which was full of fresh flowers, scrumptious strawberry also crusty bread. “bye mum,” replied Sophie and James with excitement. One hour later, they arrived but there was a creepy cat, fearsome fox, popping pig also a lying lion “aaaahh!” screamed Sophie and James loudly like a lion. Suddenly a muscular woodcutter came running with a massive axe and killed all of the evil animals “hello,” said Sophie happily. “This is a basket with some flowers and delicious food!” screamed James loudly like a tiger so they had a very nice time. They lived happily ever after. The End.

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  1. 19ella says:

    Well done tameeka it’s me Ella.

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