My Own Story

They were playing awesome football. He was the best brother in the world without him my life will be over. In  the evening, I read some books my mom wanted me to stop because I was outstanding with my reading. The next morning, I went to my naan she gave me some hot chocolate because I was freezing. On the way home, me and my mum were snow bowl fighting we also had lots of fun. When we got back home, we had  lovely  tasty feast I loved pudding because had wobbly jelly. On Friday I had tasty, yummy and scrumptious breakfast I had toast. In the afternoon, I went ice skating with my dad I was good at it my dad said that I should be the champion of ice skating. I was very tired my mum tucked me in and I was fast asleep. I had a dream about a boy who showed me the future it was all going to be black and white and people were speaking Arabic I just knew he was saying the truth. I woke up and me and my mum was going to the mall we were buying new dresses, shoes jackets. After we went to the mall, I was playing with my new friends. They were called Tameeka, Ella and Harry. We played tag, hide  and seek and truth or dare I picked dare…  …Ella told me told me to LICK MY SHOE so I did. When it was evening, we all had to go in side we did our secret handshake before we go inside. When I went home, I read a bedtime story to my baby brother. Then I went to sleep nice and cosy in my bed. THANK YOU FOR READING    

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