learning about the Stone Age

In class, me and my class are learning about the Stone Age. The story is about a boy called Bob. So he was walking in a dark, dangerous also petrifying  forest. Suddenly, he fell into a scary hole.  So he crept out really quietly  and saw a girl who looked very confused. “what is your name?” asked Bob “my name is Om” she answered “what’s your name?” she asked as well “Bob he replied  shy like a hedgehog. Then Om took me to meet her weird family they were dressed up in smooth, silky and stinky animal skin.  Next, Om taught me how to through a sharp , pointy and long spear then they went fishing and some men went as well. After that, they walked  into a deep dark cave. In the cave, when shadows were moving in the darkness ,a massive bear came running after them.  Bob took the bear away from Om . But then he fell in another  hole and fainted when he woke up pretty Om was not  there. Bob had recognised were he was, he was in the same hole he had started with. Then he jogged out of the cave. “it feels a bit different ” he replied. When he finished jogging he was at home when he got there he told his mum all about what he did in the Stone Age. But his mum did not believe and squeaked “you’ve only been gone a couple of hours!”.  we thought it was a dream, it might of not been a dream. The End



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3 Responses to learning about the Stone Age

  1. Zuwena says:

    well done Tameeka that was amaizing

  2. Macie says:

    We’ll done you have worked very hard on this anazing adjective .

  3. katie says:

    good work Tameeka cool addjectives

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